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  • Organisation - Financial institutions on the network.

  • User - A legal entity such as a person or a company etc.

  • Asset - Any asset offering or managing securities on the network

  • Service Provider - Companies that can be trusted (are certified ) to provide services on the network, such as certify verify a user for their Accreditation status.Regulation Verifier - The profile of an app or smart contract that verifies the compliance of an action on the network with a known set of regulations's Accreditation status.

For each profile, we can see the following structure:

  • Profile

    • Global Identity (FinID)

    • Profile metadata

    • Certificates .(such as KYC or KYA, signed by the profile’s primary node or a service provider)

      • Documents for Certificate.

    • Transactions (where relevant).


FinID is created by the profile’s primary node (and for primary node’s by Governance nodes, see Network Protocol ). Commercially, this is designed to enable a users to hold assets across the network (on different blockchains).