Applications are developed in-house or by 3rd parties to implement the Organization’s use cases and business logic. These can be either existing dashboards where assets from FinP2P are presented alongside assets from other sources (such as public shares), or new applications for management of assets or a user’s portfolio of investments.

Application API Main Functionality

An application integrates with a FinP2P implementation to:

  • Manage Users 

    • Manage a User profile with an associated FinID

    • Manage User Certificates and Documents

  • Manage Assets 

    • Manage an Asset Profile, KYA Certificates and Documents

    • Manage an Issuer Profile

  • Manage Asset Tokens 

    • Asset Token Issuance, transfer, redeem

    • Atomic Swap an Asset against a Cash asset

  • Manage Payments

    • Payment on/off ramp

    • Settlement services

  • Manage Service Providers

    • Manage Service provider profiles (such as Certificates service provider, or regulation enforcement service providers)

  • Query for transaction data, asset data, user balance etc.

The Application API abstract and hides from the application developer all the implementation complexities described above. And, in conjunction with the FinP2P network protocol, it abstracts the topology of the network by routing local and remote requests transparently.

Data model

For more on the data model utilized by the Application API please check the