FinP2P Core


FinP2P Core is the orchestrator of decentralized processes, engaging the other interfaces as needed.

The FinP2P core is stateless - it receives requests from any of the Network Protocol nodes (other nodes), or from the Application API (same node), and then interacts with the other components of the FinP2P node to execute those requests. 

The FinP2P core’s main flows include:

Main interaction with the Network protocol

  • Receiving and executing a transactions received from another node, for a primary asset (an asset managed by the Org of this node).

  • Sending a transaction to be routed for execution on the primary node of an asset (for example following a request from an app, via the Application API).

  • Providing private information (about a Primary user or Primary asset) to a request that is authorized to receive that private information. For example, provide asset data to a node that is on the ACL to receive that information.

Main interaction with the Application API

  • Providing Apps with aggregated asset information from across the network.

  • Routing a transaction request from an app to the primary node of an asset.

  • Obtaining private information about users that an app is authorized to view (for example, the details of users holding an asset that is managed by the app).

Main interactions with the Ledger abstraction

Manage private information (i.e. not stored on a shared DLT)

  • Create and store Primary user and Primary asset private data obtained from a local app via Application API. 

  • Retrieve Primary user and Primary asset information in response to authorized requests (either from same node or other nodes that are authorized to see the data). 

Manage DLT interactions (i.e stored on the node’s of the DLT):

  • Execute transactions for Primary assets, such as issuance and transfer.

  • Store hashes for private data updates.


Detailed flows TBD